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Care Club

Welcome to Care Club


Meet the Staff


  • Mrs S Hill - Bloor (Early Birds Care Club manager)
  • Mrs Bibb
  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Lewis
  • Mr Baylay
  • Mrs Dunn
  • Mrs Whalley
  • Mrs Davies


  • Miss Ball
  • Mrs Davies
  • Mrs  Hill-Bloor

Care Club Prices

  • Early Birds: £3.25 per day
  • Night owls: £5.50 per day until 5pm, £8.00 per day until 6pm
  • 10% sibling discount
  • All payments must be made in advance via Parent Pay. Please speak to the office if you have any queries on your Parent Pay account
  • Please be aware: To secure your child's place within the Care Club, bookings are required in advance. If you have any queries regarding bookings please contact the school office or Care Club directly.
  • Booking forms can be obtained from the office reception or Care Club, these can be returned to the office or Care Club
  • If your child's place is no longer required please inform the office or Care Club staff as soon as possible to avoid charges being applied


Contact us:

What do we offer?

Early birds offers a range of cereals, toast and fruit and squash drinks which are available from 7.45am until 8.20am. 

A range of activities are set out daily for the children to access until 8.30am when they are then registered and escorted to their classrooms by the Care Club manager and staff.

Night owls have a set menu where children are offered the following:

             Monday                        Tuesday                          Wednesday                      Thursday                         Friday

     Ham sandwiches             Cheese wraps            Chicken sandwiches           Cheese wraps          Ham sandwiches

               Apples                           Banana                             Oranges                         Red grapes             Red pepper slices

          Baked Crisps                     Fruit loaf                       Yoghurt tubes                  Fruit cereal bar             Fruit baked bar

We cater for all allergies and food cultures when planning food menus.

We offer a range of activities for the children, including a creative area, reading area, film club, team games on the Wii, board games and various imaginative play. Weather permitted the children are given the option to play outside in our secure surrounding grass area supervised by Care Club staff.

Children from FS1, FS2 and KS1 are collected from their classrooms at the end of the day by Care Club staff, KS2 children are asked to make their way to the library where another member of Care Club staff will be waiting to meet them. Once all the children have been registered in the library they are escorted over to the Care Club building by the manager and the care club members of staff. If your child attends an after school club and has a booking for the care club a member of staff from the main school building will escort your child over to the care club building where they will then be registered.

During school discos, chocolate bingo and other whole school events are taking place in the main building, where possible, we aim to allow our care club children the opportunity to attend these events. Care Club staff will escort them and supervise them within the main building. On these occasions a clear notice will be displayed on the Care Club door within plenty of notice to allow parents the opportunity to collect their children directly from the event itself or from the Care Club premises. For further information please contact Mrs S Hill - Bloor, Night Owls manager.  


Welcome back!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please note, due to an increase in numbers we request that your children are booked into Night Owls with prior notice to secure their place. The terms and conditions of the use of the care club asks that payments are payable in advance when completing a booking. Bookings can be made via care club email, through the office or by completing a booking form.