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STEM is the term used to group together the academic disciplines of Science, Technology,  Engineering  and Mathematics.

Explore at Home Competition 2020

We want you to help tackle the problem and use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) to propose solutions to this challenge. You might start by finding out about a particular species that you can find in your garden or local area. You could research its habitat, if it may be endangered as a species perhaps because of changes to habitat, new predators or competitors. You could use this information to propose ways to help save this species by creating a habitat for it. You could create an entire habitat or devise other ways to help sustain this species. You can choose any species for example hedgehogs, newts, bats, birds, bugs etc.

Click here to view the instructions for Explore at Home Competition 2020

Winner: Y6 Pupil from STG 


Big Bang Fair Explore Event

Two pupils from St Gregory's participated from home by joining in the Big Bang Fair Explore Event. Please see below for more information.

Garden Volcano

Be ready for exploding fun with this quick chemistry challenge. Have your materials ready and be prepared to make a bit of mess! Will you be able to work out what's happening? 

What you need: 

Washing up liquid - Cold water - White vinegar - Bicarbonate of Soda - Empty 2 litre bottle Measuring jug - Food colouring

Lava Lamps

The colourful chemistry experiment is a great way to discover more about density and chemical reactions.

What you need:

Cup or bottle - Vegetable oil and Water
Food colouring of any colour
Fizzy tablets (such as heartburn tablets) but
parental supervision is required


Could you bandage an injured animal?

Not only is this a fun activity, but it can actually help in an emergency! Our pets can get cut easily - especially on their paws - and it's surprising how much they bleed. Bandaging the wound correctly will make it easier for you and their pet get to the vets quickly and safely.

What you need:

Guidance sheet - Toy animal
Bandages or toilet paper



STEM LEARNING- Break a Flake Challenge

How strong is your Breakfast Cereal ?

The National Physics Laboratory ( NPL)  Outreach group have come up with a new initiative to encourage you to try some measurement science at home

These are instructions to some experiments that can be carried out with simple equipment you are already likely to have at home.

The first measurement challenge is “Break a Flake”!

To find out more visit:


The Great Science Share

The national Great Science Share is an online event. This is a focus to celebrate the curiosity of children whether they are asking questions at home or in school. The website for GSS has resources that support parents with global themes and approaches to encourage children to ask questions that they can explore. Help your families be part of a national community focusing on science together by using this link

Click here to access Great Science Share


Marvin & Milo Experiments

The videos below are from our STEM Week 2020.


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